A Roadmap for Your Loved Ones After You’ve Passed.
Leave behind something more than a will. Give your loved ones peace of mind knowing they won’t have to search for assets and records.

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What’s Missing from Estate Planning

Even with a will or trust in place, many families still feel lost after a member’s passing. There’s so much to manage, from finances to properties to subscriptions. Without clear directions, disagreement could lead to family tension, which can hinder the grieving process.

The Complete Picture

KindredBox fills the gaps in estate planning by giving loved ones the information they need to transition accounts and property. What most people don’t think about until the passing of their loved one, KindredBox addresses in a clean and organized interface broken down into 12 guided topics.

Key Contacts

Key contacts my loved ones will need to know


I have financial accounts and/or investments

Real Estate

I own real estate


I have vehicles


I have social media and/or email accounts


I have health or medical information to share

Legal & Legacy

I have life insurance, a will, and/or a trust


I have memberships and/or subscriptions


I have pets


Organize work information


I have notes or directions to pass along

After I’m Gone

I want to leave messages to my loved ones

All Your Personal Information, One Safe Place

When that time comes, would you want to give your family more time to grieve and heal, instead of stress? KindredBox removes the burden of information searching from your family, making complicated arrangements like canceling memberships and preserving cherished memories much easier for those who will carry on your legacy.

illustration of a box filled with items

Easy to Set Up

Our step-by-step process guides you through collecting important records and lets you add trustees and validators at the click of a button.

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Designed with Your Next of Kin in Mind

KindredBox prepares your personal records in an organized interface, making the management of accounts and property a breeze after you’re gone.

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Leave the Gift of Organization

No more shuffling through old filing cabinets. With KindredBox, all your important information is easily accessible—digitally and in one place.

A Simple Step-by-Step Process

We’ve made setting up your KindredBox as simple and easy as possible, so anyone can leave this gift for their loved ones. You don’t have to be technically savvy or know the legal jargon to get started. You can protect your legacy with KindredBox in just 3 easy steps.

Smiling woman holding a phone with the KindredBox app

Identify the most important people and assets in your life

Select the categories that matter most in your life. Then, leave a trail back to people you care about, as well as possessions and documents your trustees will need to make arrangements after you’re gone.


Attach important documents

Attach up to 100 GB of documents for trustee reference, like taxes and medical records. You also have the option to record video for more detailed instructions or parting messages.


Invite trustees and validators

We make it easy to invite trustees through email, giving them access to your KindredBox, free of charge, once you’ve passed. As an additional layer of safety, add those you trust as validators to verify your death before trustees are granted access.

Why Choose KindredBox?

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The Perfect Timing

Since your KindredBox only opens up to others after you pass, you can rest easy knowing your personal information stays private until the right time comes. Learn more here.

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Top-Tier Security

KindredBox has the best in-class encryption and internal processes so you can take comfort in knowing that your information is safe.
Learn more here.

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Living Benefits

KindredBox is also useful as an online archive of your important and sensitive documents, easily available to you wherever you need them.
Learn more here.

Helping Real People and Families

A multi-generational family sitting on a couch

Organized information

We created a will and trust years ago but nobody in our family had any idea where it was located. KindredBox made it so easy for us to organize all of our documents and clearly explain what to do when we pass away. We sleep better at night knowing we have everything in order. Thank you for making this so easy!

The Wilson Family

Easy to use

“As a single parent, I am so glad to have KindredBox. I added trustees to my account so if something were to happen to me, they have a plan in place. Until now, I don’t think anyone in my life would know who to contact for my insurance benefits, where I bank, or even the password to my phone. Thank you for making this so easy to plan for the unexpected!”

Anne S.

Document the little things

"Wow! I am so thankful for this service. If something were to happen to my husband, I would never know where to begin. He went through and documented the little things that I can’t imagine ever trying to find. I truly think every family should have this information documented as well as the obvious stuff like a will and life insurance."

Jenny W.

Helped me get organized

"I have been putting off this planning for a long time. Thank you KindredBox for helping me get organized! This process was so simple and it is such a relief to have it safely organized for my family."

Michael A.

From You to Your Family, We’ve Got You Covered



For Individuals

Personal Account

One account to help your family and friends during a difficult time. 30-day guarantee and cancel online, anytime.

What’s included:
  • One KindredBox account
  • Efficient record organization
  • 100 GB of encrypted cloud storage
  • Guided walkthough
  • Unlimited trustees
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For Families

Family Account

4 accounts under one subscription. Each account is private, so only the account holder can access their data.

What’s included:
  • Everything included in personal plan
  • Up to four accounts
  • A combined 400 GB of encrypted cloud storage for all your important documents
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Lifetime Account

Personal account with a one-time cost plus yearly maintenance fee.

$199.99/one time
+ $9.99 yearly maintenance
What’s included:
  • One KindredBox account
  • Efficient record organization
  • 100 GB of encrypted cloud storage
  • Guided walkthough
  • Unlimited trustees
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Frequently Asked Questions

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